Excerpt from: Condé Nast Traveller Magazine (March 2005) p211. See also Responsible Travel holiday weather guide


Planning a trip to one of these destinations, but unsure if the climate will suit you?

This guide will help you decide, and includes a suggestion for the best month to visit.

  Florida Montreal Bordeaux Dresden Greek Islands China
When to go Florida's Gulf islands have relatively high rainfall in the summer. They are at their best in spring, when the weather is warm, with little rain and moderate humidity. Montreal's underground shops and restaurants mean that it works well even in winter. But the summer months offer more agreeable conditions for sightseeing. The Bordeaux region has a mild, showery climate. High summer is the best time to go if you plan to tour the countryside in an open-topped sports car. Dresden is a fascinating place to stroll around, but it is fairly rainy throughout the year. Go in June for decent temperatures and the best of the sunshine. Greek Easter, which falls on 1 May this year [2005], marks the start of the holiday period. Book your villa for the early part of the season, when the spring flowers are in bloom. Visit Yunnan province in spring, when the landscape is lush and the weather pleasantly warm and dry. Avoid the hot, humid rainy season (July - September).
Best month March July July June May March
hours per day
9 9 9 8 8 8
min/max °C
18 - 26 14 - 27 14 - 25 12 - 22 16 - 23 12 - 25
days per month
 7 11 11 13 3 5
level of discomfort
medium medium medium low medium medium
hours per day
12 15 15 17 15 12

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Arizona, where spring is comparable to a European summer: daytime temperatures typically reach 28°C in April. It is bakingly hot from June to September.

Seville is warm and sunny in April, when La Feria de Abril - the city's flamenco festival - takes place (12th-17th). But visit in May if you want to avoid the crowds.

The best time to spot game in Kenya is in January and February, when animals congregate at the few available water sources.